Helping veterinarians cultivate the career of their dreams.

It’s time to do things your way.

Most veterinarians have a similar story…

You knew you wanted to take care of animals when you were young. You were probably the one in the family that took in anything your parents would allow you to have. You structured your life around the notion that one day you would get into veterinary school, and you did it. You studied hard and went through all the steps needed to earn your degree, then it happened. You finally earned the title of veterinarian.

Now the fun begins, but you quickly learn that this wasn’t what you were expecting. Long hours, minimal to no breaks, toxic work environment, corporate takeover, difficult clients, the list goes on. You start to experience exhaustion, anxiety, isolation, insomnia, lack of satisfaction, and all the symptoms of burnout. You just wanted to take care of animals, but you got a lot more than what you signed up for.

Your life starts to spiral. You realize that something must change, but factors like vet school debt load, seeing a steady paycheck every two weeks, and even the lack of confidence in finding something new, keeps you from exploring other options. You continue to deal with the chaos until your professional and personal life start to intertwine. You finally decide it’s time to start searching for the career and life that brings you peace, joy, and a sense of purpose. You just need help figuring it all out.

It’s Time!

It took several years for you to get to this place, and you should be enjoying life, right? But instead, you are asking yourself the question, “should I be here?”. This isn’t how you envisioned it, and you know you can’t keep going at this rate. You should have the career and life you desire, and there is no better time than now to get what you want. Yes, change can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be!

Meet Dr. Nia

Hello! My name is Dr. Nia, and I’ve been a practicing veterinarian for almost 20 years. A graduate of Tuskegee University College of Veterinary Medicine, I dreamed of becoming a vet since I was a child growing up in Chicago.


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